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Air Separation Units


Challenge / question

To what degree are we able to supply high-quality air coolers and heat exchangers required for Cryogenic Air Separation?

Our solution

After every stage, our air coolers further cool the hot and humid air with cooling water. We individually design them, tailored to all requirements, and we provide a discharge for the condensate, resulting from the cooling, ie selfdraining by gravitation. Our heat exchangers evaporate fluids using water from the surroundings. However, this type of cooling could cause water to freeze to the sides of the tubes. Our special design ensures that this does not damage the heat exchangers. Also, they are manufactured from stainless steel so that they are cold-resistant. The tube diameter is extra large in order to avoid the tubes freezing up since water expands when it is freezes. High temperature differences cause a large amount of tension in the tube heads. As gaskets may leak, we use high-quality welding for the entire head.



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