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Air Separation Units

Air seperation unit

Compressor stage. Distillation column. Heat exchanger. Condensate. Atmospheric air.


The atmosphere consists of approximately 78% nitrogen (N2), 21% oxygen (O2) and 1% argon (Ar). Several industries require pure nitrogen, oxygen or argon for their production processes. Cryogenic Air Separation is the process that enables the separation of these compounds. It filters dust and moisture from the air. Several compressor stages and heat exchangers increase the pressure of the filtered air, resulting in liquid air. After the last stage, the liquid air moves to a distillation column. Liquid nitrogen exits at the top of the distillation column, whilst the liquid oxygen and argon come out at the bottom. The now maximally compacted substanced may then be transported to the customer. If the customer whishes to evaporate the fluids, for example into gas required for a production process, he will need heat exchangers, which we supply.

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