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Bronswerk® designs world’s most ultra low noise fans

In recent years, Bronswerk® Heat Transfer has made serious investments to enable it to design the world's most ultra low noise axial fans for air coolers: the Whizz-Wheel®. These fans are huge energy savers and therefore result in a considerable reduction of operating costs. 'Considerable' in this case is also a euphemism for the gigantic dimensions of the fans. The first test model for example, has a diameter of nearly four metres. We now design fans with diameters that measure over ten metres!

Since 1940, Bronswerk® Heat Transfer has been designing, producing and supplying heat exchange installations that are used by companies such as Shell, Exxon Mobil, Texaco and Siemens in the worldwide gas and oil industries and utilities. One hundred and fifty staff are employed in Nijkerk, with a further hundred abroad. Bronswerk® has been growing over the last few years.

We meet Guus Bertels; he is constantly looking for the latest developments, innovations and breakthroughs. He has thirty years of experience in the field; a real expert. Guus: "We create solutions for problems that are so special, that existing techniques fail to perform. What we design must also work under the most extreme circumstances. From the Arctic to the Antarctic, from the highest mountains to the deepest seas, from the wettest places to the driest deserts, our solutions must perform under any conditions. We therefore invest heavily in knowledge/know-how and technology."

How does this reflect in the design of Whizz-Wheel® fans? Guus: "It is a good example of the innovative strength that we have. Traditional cooler fans are usually driven by gear boxes or v-belts. We looked for an alternative. Eventually, we designed new drive concepts which enable the Whizz Wheel® fans to be smaller, lighter and more quiet. They still comply to the strictest noise regulations and the efficiency of the shaft power has been increased by over thirty percent. They are therefore the most ultra low noise and ultra efficient fans in the world. This allows us to save a vast amount of energy.
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