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Combined heat and power

Dumpcondesation system  

Challenge / question

In order to utilise the residual heat from power stations, the heat has to be readily available as it is practically impossible to store or preserve it. When a heat recovery generator goes out of action temporarily, it must remain possible to absorb the produced heat. This is guaranteed by an extremely fast, air-cooled dump condenser. However, control over and safety of such a dump condenser are complex as its response time must be exceptionally fast.

Our solution

We aim to keep the operational time of an air-cooled dump condenser to a minimum as we would rather use the residual heat for industrial processes. But in the event that, for example, a process stops operating, a dump condenser must be able to respond with lightning speed in order to absorb the heat. This requires an air-cooled dump condenser that can immediately switch from a standstill situation to full capacity. In addition, it has to be reliable and sturdy. Therefore, we have designed and successfully implemented an innovative control system for air-cooled dump condensers. A concept where the beauty is hidden in the simplicity. A concept that has proven our ability to reliably, effectively and safely supply the dump condenser.



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