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Cymbined Cycle

A-frame condenser  

Challenge / question

In order to make as maximum use of the energy in the steam, produced by the hot exhaust gases, the pressure and temperature of the steam must be as high as possible. To what extent is it possible to establish an even better (energy) optimum? An optimum that may be established by, for example, using and improving preheaters for cooling water and air and extra superheaters for steam.

Our solution

We send the hot exhaust gases through extra tubes in the steam generator. This allows them to absorb a large proportion of their heat at the perfect time. The heat is then used on the shell side of the steam generator for extra heating, creating more electricity. This is the first step. We then reuse the steam by converting the remaining heat via a water-cooled condenser back into hot water. After this step, we use the preheated water once again as steam. This is the second step. Bronswerk® Heat Transfer has the special knowledge to design and supply complete condensation installations that are fully geared to maximum efficiency with the greatest benefits to the environment.



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