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LNG Vaporiser

Methane vaporiser

From gas to cooled liquid. Below -100°C. Back to gas. Quick, energy-saving and reliable.

Gaseous fuels such as natural gas have the disadvantage that they require a large volume of space to store energy. When the pressure of gas increases, less volume is required. If we want to store gas as a reserve (peak shaving) or transport it by ship, it must be stored above ground and in large volumes. If we were to store the gas under high pressure, in order to resist the pressure, the tanks would become too expensive. Luckily, there is another solution: liquefied gas. This type of gas has minimum volume and can be stored under approximate atmospheric pressure in well isolated tanks. Gas becomes liquid when it is cooled to a temperature well below -100°C.

Lng Vaporiser Diagram
submerged burners of the methane vaporizer Cases
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