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LNG vaporiser

submerged burners of the methane vaporizer  

Challenge / question

One of our clients has cooled, liquefied gas stored in tanks. This works well. However, he would like to use the gas as fuel. This requires the liquefied gas to become gaseous again which can be achieved by heating the gas to above zero and evaporating it, costing an enormous amount in heat (= energy). Moreover, the client has to be able to immediately supply gas if there is a demand. The client is looking for an energy-saving and reliable solution.

Our solution

When liquefied gas has to be heated and evaporated constantly, it is crucial that as much cheap heat as possible is used. Relatively cheap heat may be found in cooling water that is required for the cooling of processes. Unfortunately, the temperature of cooling water is rather low which means that a large volume of water is required to heat the gas. This then demands large pumps for example. As the liquefied gas is stored for peak shaving, it has to become readily available when there is a demand. In order to meet these requirements, we have designed a brand new installation including a gas fuelled water bath vaporiser. This vaporiser reacts exceptionally quickly to a demand in gas.



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