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Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance & Repair

Specialty: Analysing and advising. How can it be improved? Well AND fast.

Customers come to us for large and small projects, national as well as international ones; on land, but also offshore. Is a heat exchanger or an air-cooled cooler leaking? We will go there and solve the problem. Does a heat exchanger need retubing? We will take care of the transport, carry out our work and install the heat exchanger on-site. Offshore projects often involve medium-sized projects, with mechanics working a number of consecutive days on the air-cooled coolers of a platform. However, this does not mean that we shy away from long-term projects in which Bronswerk is the main contractor. In short, Service & Maintenance is much more than just a maintenance service. We make the process as carefree as possible for our customers. We carry out specialised work, such as maintenance of heavily contaminated machinery, cleaning pipes that transport gas and oil. So do we repair and maintain anything? No, the basis is always a heat exchanger or an air-cooled cooler. Analysing and advising, looking for the cause, and answering the question: “How can it be improved?” This is how problems are solved. Customers want their equipment to be available and reliable as well as maintain its value. This means that maintenance must be performed quickly and to the highest possible standard. After all, an hour of downtime can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. So in the end, high quality maintenance and professional repairs do not cost money. On the contrary, a well-maintained installation saves money!



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Czech Republic Czech Republic Email: info@bronswerk.cz
Service & Maintenance
Seggelant-Noord 5D Phone: +31 18 17 45 500
3237MG Vierpolders Email: service@bronswerk.com
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