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Oil refinery

EM baffle  

Challenge / question

Heat exchangers are frequently fouled by crude oil. Therefore, the oil industry must be very weary to  cleaning them regularly. This is an expensive operation as the entire refinery must be brought to a standstill. The oil industry is constantly looking for solutions to reduce the fouling that crude oil is causing to heat exchangers. If they have to be cleaned less frequently, huge savings in costs and operation time can be achieved.

em baffle heat exchanger  

Our solution

Heat exchangers with the innovative Expanded Metal (EM) baffles stay clean much longer. However, if heat exchangers in existing installations are replaced by EM baffles systems, both the internal and external dimensions must be identical.  New bundles with EM baffles can be tailor-made for existing installations which can amply match the capacity of the original heat exchangers.



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