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RADIAX® Technology

Our industrialized world is immensely dependent on machines for fluid and gas transport, such as pumps, compressors and fans. They use more than 50% of all generated electricity. They can also be very noisy and they are, together with the immense energy consumption, a heavy burden on the environment. That dependency demands that the machines have to be very reliable and have as little failure, maintenance or repair as possible. The supply conditions have to be guaranteed, whereby the designed durability aims at a long continuous operation. A large amount of the machines that are being used at the moment are insufficiently aimed at a high efficiency and insufficiently based on new, advanced technology. High quality new design knowledge can, combined with accurate and innovative production techniques, nowadays provide a long durability and the utmost reliability. This development can be compared with the development of a car: a modern car barely has any maintenance compared to a car of ten years ago.

Centrifugal pumps are ‘the’ usual workhorses for fluid transport, such as water for the drinking water supply. They work properly, but they have design limitations. These limitations relate to the classic so called operating point concept; when you open wide the tap at home the water pressure drops. More ‘flow’ unavoidably leads to lower pressure. The pressure and flow of centrifugal pumps have a similar  fixed relation regarding pressure and flow around the (design) operating point. In other words: when you change the resistance behind the main pump, by changing the tap opening, then the pressure changes, as well as the flow. Furthermore, the efficiency will drastically decrease when deviating from this (design) operating point for centrifugal pumps. Besides this limited working window, there is also a large chance of damage to the pump, such as erosion damage caused by cavitation. Another limitation of a conventional centrifugal pump is the pressure increase: 1,7 bar (per stage). To attain a higher pressure there are more serially connected (stages) pumps needed.

The RADIAX® pump of Bronswerk® Heat Transfer brakes rigorously with the limitations of the classic pumps. Designed for a fixed maximum pressure and flow, the pump is completely variable for both pressure and flow, from 0% to 100%. This goes independently of each other and with a very high efficiency. The RADIAX® pump does not show any cavitation. Although the build-up from the pump is centrifugal, functionally it behaves as a volume displacement pump. The RADIAX® pump has a pump factor of 20; this means that the pump can bring water from 1 to 20 bar in one stage. The RADIAX® pump offers unprecedented possibilities: maximum flexibility with minimal complexity. The weight and the volume are about the same as one quarter of a conventional centrifugal pump.
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