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Challenge / question

A client is looking for a separator between the first turbine stage and the reheater/second turbine stage. The separator must absorb 5% water condensation that has occurred in the first turbine stage. The condensation should not enter the reheater as it will work most efficiently when using all energy to superheat the steam. A conventional design would propose a separator with a large diameter of two meters that, in addition, due to a relative high internal pressure of 25 bar(g), must be thick-walled.

Our solution

Thanks to an innovative solution involving state-of-the-art internals, we were able to limit the diameter to 1.3 meters. Moreover, we are able to guarantee that all internals can be removed for maintenance via the 24" manhole. In consultation with the client, we integrated a hot well in the design and created flange connections. Our solution saves space, time and weight and has a lower pressure loss (energy saving).



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