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high pressure gas gas heat exchanger

Natural gas pressure. From 8 to 1.1 bar. Condensate and freezing. Filter, gas meter, reducing valve and heating.

A high pressure transport network of approximately 12,000 kilometres transports natural gas under 80 bars (high pressure) through the Netherlands. For practical and safety reasons, it is impossible to deliver gas under such high pressure to its end users. The pressure of gas entering homes is slightly higher than the atmospheric pressure. This is why there are many pressure reducing stations in the Netherlands that bring the pressure of the gas down from 8 bar to 1.1 bar. When reducing gas pressure, the temperature of gas also reduces. In order to avoid condensation and freezing issues, it is crucial that natural gas is preheated before its pressure is reduced. Solid particles that have mixed with the gas during transportation must also be filtered out. In order to protect the expensive pressure reducing station.

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