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Waste to energy

A-frame condenser  

Challenge / question

Incineration of diverse waste streams is problematic. Flue gas would contain gases that should not enter the atmosphere. Therefore, removing pollutants from flue gas must be an essential process in an incineration plant. Generating steam through incineration of diverse waste streams demands a great deal of the steamers that are used. Moreover, it would not be possible to superheat steam as well; therefore, reducing the efficiency of steam turbines. Furthermore, at the end of the process after the turbine, steam must be able to condense again. So aside from flue gas treatment and steamers of extremely good quality, the efficiency of steam turbines ought to improve.

Our solution

We design special steamers for the incineration of diverse waste streams which are exceptionally well resistant to the specific conditions of this steam. We improve the efficiency of the two step steam turbines by placing a reheater between both steps. Our reheater is an extremely inventive system, including a condensate separator and hot well, with connecting ducts and a measuring control system. We use the residual heat for district heating or similar processes; making our tailor made heat exchangers the essential link. Finally, at the end of the process, we achieve condensation of the steam by implementing our cooling systems using cooling water or fresh air.



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