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About Bronswerk

Bronswerk Heat Transfer is impacting on energy where it matters. We design, service, improve, produce, and maintain customized Heat Exchange Solutions in the following industries: oil & gas, power, chemical, food, and pulp & paper.

Since 1940, Bronswerk Heat Transfer has specialized in heat exchange solutions, such as Air‐Cooled Coolers, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Heat Transfer Systems, and Industrial Heat Pumps.

Our history
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The history of Bronswerk Heat Transfer

1940 - Founding Möring & Steenaart NV

On the 25th of May mister ing. J.B. Möring and Mister Th.J. Steenaart start the company Möring & Steenaart NV. They set up the company in Nijkerk and focus on building thermic boilers. The Second World War is now also a fact for the Netherlands and they have to deal with many difficulties.

1945 - Destruction and reconstruction

Two days before the liberation of the Netherlands, bombardments and explosions destroy the company building. The reconstruction is done in the winter of 1945-1946, after which Möring & Steenaart starts again on the 1st of July 1946. Despite these setbacks the company is growing steadily. This shows, amongst other things, through the establishment of the staff association 'Development and leisure' (D&L) on the 8th of May 1946.

1948 - Specialization

Möring & Steenaart specializes in building installations for high temperatures. This specialization leads to many important contracts. Contracts for the fabrication of plastics, such as nylon and alkyd resins, for the distillation of fatty acid, for the deodorization of fat for the food industry and for drying installations used for various products. The company also develops an automatic boiler for hot water, low pressure and middle pressure stream. An efficient boiler with automatic control of the thermal capacity, as well as the detoxification and ash disposal. Coal is very expensive then, so just because of that the boiler gets an enthusiastic reception. The company obtains a patent for this boiler.

1950 - Licenses

The company that has grown considerably due to many contracts from electro technical, chemical, industrial and several textile companies. Power plants and shipyards are also important clients. Möring & Steenaart decides to provide licenses to boiler manufacturers to produce and sell M&S boilers. Factories in Germany, England and Switzerland obtain a license.

The production program is growing further. The company produces warm and hot water coils and steam coils for the chemical industry as well as Argon-arc welded pressure vessels made of copper, aluminium and stainless steel. Expansion happens in the production of acid-proof ventilators made with polyvinyl-chloride or stainless steel. And they work on cyclones, extractor installations for steam, pneumatic operating transport installations, industrial dry and moisturizing installations and vaporizers.

1966 - Merger

The sales volume and the amount of employees has grown rapidly. There are 150 people on the payroll. To keep on growing there is a merger between Möring & Steenaart and Bronswerk-Fijenoord. The company continues under the name: NV apparatenbouw Bronswerk-Fijenoord.

1969 - Stork

Stork bv becomes the new owner and the company changes name to: Bronswerk Apparatenbouw Nijkerk (BAN). BAN has three locations in Amersfoort, Nijkerk and Utrecht. All activities for air based and heat exchange become the specialty of the BAN establishment in Nijkerk.

1975 - Bronswerk® Heat Transfer

BAN Nijkerk is growing steadily. The company is becoming an important player on national and international markets. In order to better communicate what the company stands for, the name is changed to: Bronswerk Heat Transfer bv.

1980 - Reorganization

A difficult period begins for the mechanical equipment branch. That is why a necessary reorganization takes place. Afterwards Bronswerk® Heat Transfer specializes in building high pressure heat exchangers and air-cooled coolers. ISO 9001 follows in 1987.

1988 - Independent

In 1988 parent company Stork decides to concentrate on its core business. The activities of Bronswerk Heat Transfer are no part of those core activities. By means of a management buy-out, the company continues. A further concentration on the production of large equipment for power plants and the gas, oil and chemical industry takes place. The order book is growing after the independence, both in size and variation.

1994 - Expansion

From 1994 Klarex Technology bv is part of Bronswerk Heat Transfer to further develop the concept of non-fouling heat exchangers.

1999 - More expansion

The company obtains a majority holding in the Czech company Envig spol. s r.o. The company continues as Envig-Bronswerk spol s r.o. and supplies both Air-Cooled Coolers and special Air-Cooled Condensers to the gas, oil and chemical industry and power plants in Germany, Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

2010 - Worldwide player

The company operates worldwide and takes up the challenge of every difficult assignment. The design department is relatively large and the academic level is high, with a large amount of experience, knowledge, and know-how. The focus is on innovative solutions, designs, and production. This way the Heat Exchangers and Air-Cooled Coolers can function optimally under extreme process conditions.

2016 - Envig-Bronswerk sold (Benvig Heat Transfer)

The investment company Jet Investment buys Envig-Bronswerk. They were allowed to use the name BRONSWERK HEAT TRANSFER spol. s r.o. until 2019 when they changed their name into BENVIG HEAT TRANSFER spol. s r.o..

Bronswerk Heat Transfer and Benvig Heat Transfer are two completely different companies. 

2020 - Focus

In 2020 Bronswerk Heat Transfer celebrates its 80th year of existence. The experience we’ve gathered throughout the years have made us one of world's most experienced designer and manufacturer of heat transfer equipment like Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers and Industrial Heat Pumps.

High quality, long lifespan

A customer placed a query with Bronswerk Heat Transfer with the intention to get a replacement part. With the query the customer delivered the original data sheet from 1964. This clearly shows that 30 years of design life-time is the minimum.

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Innovative, customized solutions

Bronswerk Heat Transfer designs, improves, produces, delivers, and maintains industrial systems of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, all kinds of Air‐Cooled Coolers (ACC), industrial fans and Heat Transfer Systems.

We supply and provide maintenance services for process cooling systems around the globe. We focus on high‐quality, innovative solutions to heat exchanger issues.

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