Innovative Heat Transfer Solutions for the chemical industry

The chemical industry covers extremely broad operational areas, such as pharmacy, fine chemical or heavy chemical industry. It manufacturers intermediate products, drugs, plastics, vitamins and many others. Although the number of different processes is almost endless, the common factor is heat transfer.

Since 1940, Bronswerk Heat Transfer has been a well-known partner in this important industry. We design and manufacture the right solutions for these different chemical processes.

From know-how to application

Bronswerk Heat Transfer designs, engineers, manufactures and improves tailored and sustainable solutions for several chemical issues.

Specifications, codes and standards

We are used to working with practically all international codes and standards as well as all leading end-user specifications. This allows us to deliver worldwide.

Efficient and future-proof

Increasing your process efficiency by implementing Bronswerk Heat Transfer’s high efficiency solutions.

Started in 1940

We have over 80 years of experience in process, thermal and mechanical design for the chemical industry. We always search of the most optimized solution.

design optimization shell & tube heat exchanger

Process optimization in the Chemical Industry

Chemical and physics unit operations are the bases of the chemical industry. Several types of reactors, columns and other equipment are used, and continuously renewed to improve the quality, energy consumption and/or quantity of the product.

For many of the unit operations, heat has to be added or extracted. Normally this is a separate step, to be executed upstream or downstream the main operation. We offer equipment for the reactions and separate equipment for heat transfer equipment.

Choose Bronswerk Heat Transfer as your partner for next-generation equipment. Together with your specialists and our experience in heat transfer, project management and manufacturing, we will realize the most unusual equipment, made of carbon steel or the most exotic modern materials. Any project will result in an improvement of your process.

Assisting the Chemical Industry since 1940

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2.01 - TEMA type shell & tube heat exchangers foto 04

Solving vibrating tubes of a Kettle type Reboiler

We have performed and installed a redesign. After 10 years, we can only conclude that the delivered solution works and that DOW can continue to work with this specific Heat Exchanger.

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Case Burando - Design Optimization - 1

Hydrocracking Installation for a chemical company

A client asked us to supply a hydrocracking installation with special product requirements. 

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Falling film evaporator

Helping DSM to efficiently generate vacuum steam

How we met the challenge of our customer by using falling film technology.

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