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Bronswerk Heat Transfer helps customers worldwide to address their challenges when it comes to exchanging heat. Through knowledge and craftsmanship we're designing and producing the most efficient, reliable and sustainable heat transfer solutions and fluid flow systems for the industries Oil, Gas, Chemical, Power, Food, and Pulp & Paper. By doing so we keep impacting on energy where it matters.



Bronswerk Heat Transfer designs, improves, produces and installs made-to-measure solutions for your total oil process. From extraction and refining to transportation.



Bronswerk Heat Transfer has a large experience with designing, manufacturing, and delivering high pressure process equipment for the gas industry. Always searching for the best solution depending on our customers needs.



For chemical processes safety is crucial. They have to deal with high temperatures and high pressures. We deliver solutions that can stand these challenges. The benefit of 80 years of experience in heat transfer solutions for the chemical industry.



We help you to generate a maximum of electric energy. Reusing as much waste energy as possible. To power your installation. To supply energy to the surrounding area. Sustainable and environmentally friendly.



For the rendering industry Bronswerk Heat Transfer developed an air-cooled rendering condenser which removes most of the cooking steam under very slight overpressure.


Pulp & Paper

We offer an economically viable method to upgrade the temperature of waste heat to such levels that it can be reused in the industrial process of pulp and paper, resulting in saving energy consumption.



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