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Customer Needs & Requirements

With fluctuating costs and tightening regulations the Oil, Gas and Chemical companies worldwide are under pressure to improve the efficiency of their operations. This can be done by solving issues on existing equipment, upgrading the performance of their process-equipment or by installing newly designed Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers or Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers.

We optimize existing processes and supply innovative products and solutions since 1940. This allows us to offer our clients the most efficient and advanced solutions depending on their need. What is your need?

Production growth

Production Growth

How to increase your production by improving your process equipment?

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Malfunctioning Cooler

Is your Air Cooled Heat Exchanger not performing as needed? Find out why.

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Extreme process pressure

Extreme Process Pressure

Does your process have Extreme Process Pressure up to 1000 bar? Find out about our unique Air-Cooled and Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger designs.

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Our solution for debottlenecking Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Air-Cooled Coolers and Condensers.

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Plot Space Constraints

We deliver several space and weigh saving solutions.

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No more noise problems

Noise Problems

We designed a fan system for your Air-Cooled process equipment that produces considerably less noise.

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To all our products

To all our products

Get to know our extensive range of heat transfer process solutions. 

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