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Project Specific Manufacturing

Bronswerk Heat Transfer has been specialized in the designing and manufacturing of heat exchange solutions, such as Air‐Cooled Coolers, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, and Heat Transfer Systems since 1940.

We are impacting on energy where it matters, and we design, improve and produce customized Heat Exchange Solutions in the oil & gas, power and chemical industries.

Passionate about heat exchange.

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Designing, engineering, and manufacturing in close cooperation

Our manufacturing facility is a modern complex located next to our office. This is where you will meet our designers, engineers, and project managers. 

We work with short lines and have the possibility to already talk about the most efficient design and building method even before an assignment. Our manufacturing process can also be closely followed by our engineers.

Our heat exchange solutions are therefore continually optimized where necessary, delivering many advantages for our customers.

Way of working
Manufacture of a UOP Regeneration Gas Cooler

Well-equipped manufacturing facility with highly skilled technicians

Our manufacturing facility is well equipped to cater for the demands of offsite construction and precision engineering. Together with our highly skilled technicians and engineers, we guarantee heat exchange solutions that meet all your requirements.

Our manufacturing facility consists of various areas, including a clean hall used for high alloy materials such as titanium. Our factory hall meets the QSHE workplace safety requirements. 

In another area we perform pressure tests, which can run up to 1,000 Bar. We also have a (sand) blasting room and our own paint shop for smaller devices or parts. 

To ensure that we continually dispose of highly qualified welding staff, we have our own training school where we train motivated new welders. 

In our in-house X-ray bunker we carry out our welding quality checks together with the approved Lloyd’s inspector. As Lloyd’s is almost continuously present, they have their own office.  We also have an open space where we can store equipment and test air-cooled coolers for performance and noise production.

Besides the production in our manufacturing facility located at our headquarters in Nijkerk, the Netherlands, we also produce locally all over the world under the same high quality standards thanks to our long and good relationship with distinguished partners.

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