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We live in an energy-transition period. There will be a slow but continuous reduction in the use of fossil fuels, an increase in the use of electrical power and an increased reuse of (waste) heat.

Bronswerk Heat Transfer offers the possibility to get support from both the traditional process equipment in the Power & Energy industry as well as the renewable, reuse of (waste) heat and alternative electrical sources of energy.

Impacting on energy where it matters, for a more sustainable world.


Conventional design and future proof

When you require an Air-Cooled Steam Condenser for your power generation, Bronswerk Heat Transfer is here to help. At the same time, you’ve come to the right place if you are in need of an Industrial Heat Pump. There are more ways to meet your energy demand. Find out how Bronswerk can support you in your quest for (renewable) energy.

Air Cooled Condenser

In the ‘traditional’ way of producing electrical power, fossil fuels are typically used to generate steam, which drives the turbine+generator. Steam needs to be condensed for optimal performance. Bronswerk Heat Transfer designs, manufactures and installs Air-Cooled Steam Condensers, typically between 10t/h-150t/h of steam. We focus on high reliability, reduction of sound and reduced electricity usage of the motors.

Industrial Heat Pump

Industry is looking for economical solutions for the application of industrial scale heat pumps. The heat pump produces heat at a temperature required by the process, using roughly ⅓ of mechanical (electrical) power and ⅔ of heat at a too low temperature, which is directly usable - heat that can also be seen as waste heat. Bronswerk Heat Transfer is one of the few companies in the world that produces and implements industrial scale heat pumps.

Lowest noise Air-Cooled Condensers

Waste-to-energy and biomass power plants are often built in the vicinity of the built environment. This results in extra requirements on (low) noise generation. An important source of noise is the condenser in case the condensation is performed by Air-Cooled Condensers. The noise of the fans of these coolers cannot be captured because of the enormous volume of cooling air that is required. Therefore, the only way to reduce noise is to install the most silent fans.


Whizz-Wheel fan system for the power industry

The contribution of Bronswerk Heat Transfer

Bronswerk Heat Transfer is partner in many Research and Development projects in the field of energy. We know the route to obtain subsidies from the national and European government to make the Energy Transition happen.

We are very keen on making the Energy Transition successful and contribute to the projects of our customers. We will bring in our expertise of heat transfer, which ranges from knowledge of processes, experience in mechanical design and manufacturing of equipment to project management - to bring each project to a good end. We can either be the leading partner in a project, or a supporting partner.

Helping companies in the power industry since 1940

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