80 years of experience in heat transfer solutions and fluid flow systems

Bronswerk Heat Transfer is your global partner for heat exchange process equipment like Air-Cooled Coolers & Condensers and Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers. We design (thermal, mechanical) manufacture, deliver and install process equipment. We also optimize existing processes and integrate innovative solutions. We deliver complete turn-key system solutions to ease the challenges facing our customers.

An overview of our main areas of expertise.


Customer needs & requirements

With fluctuating costs and tightening regulations the Oil, Gas and Chemical companies worldwide are under pressure to improve the efficiency of their operations. This can be done by solving issues on existing equipment, upgrading the performance of their process-equipment or by installing newly designed Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers or Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers.

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Project management

Our project management starts by truly understanding the ambition of our customers during the sales and pre-engineering phase. Together we explore different scenarios and we will make a recommendation on how heat transfer can be optimized to meet the customer’s strategic goals. Sometimes upgrading existing installations is the best scenario. Sometimes innovative solutions are the answer to your requirements. Find out how our project management can fulfill your needs.
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Performance & reliability improvement

We always strive for the best Heat Exchange Solution. A solution that delivers an even better performance and higher reliability.

A solution that prepares you for the future, with a focus on sustainability.

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Innovation & Sustainability

We have a strong focus on innovation and sustainability. That is why we have our own R&D department and why we collaborate with governments to support process operators to use subsidies. We know everything about high temperature industrial heat pumps and heat transformation systems.

Find out how we can support you to meet your innovation and sustainability goals.

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Project specific manufacturing

Our manufacturing facility is a modern complex located next to our office where our designers, engineers, and project managers are working. Therefore our Heat Exchange Solutions are continually optimized where necessary. With lots of advantages for our customers.
Harlingen Omrin Air Cooled Condenser with Whizz-Wheel

Case studies

Read some of our case studies in the fields of oil, gas, chemical, power/energy, pulp & paper and food.



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