Customized Heat Transfer Solutions for the gas industry

Due to the cleanest combustion process and the lowest CO2 production per MJ energy from fossil fuels, natural gas will be an important energy source on the world route to full renewable energy in the coming decades.

Bronswerk Heat Transfer has a large experience with designing, manufacturing, and delivering process equipment for the gas industry. Always searching for the best solution.

Impacting on energy where it matters.

From know-how to application

Bronswerk Heat Transfer: custom-made solutions for your entire gas process.

Demand-driven solutions

We will start our enquiry by gathering your specific expectations and needs, experiences and preconditions. Then, often in cooperation with the customers experts, we will start solving your heat transfer or fluid-flow problems.

Reliable and lasting quality

We optimize existing processes and implement innovative products with an emphasis on durable operation, reliability and robustness.

Efficient and future-proof

We anticipate the latest conditions when it comes to limited downtime, continued operation, limited plot space, and reduced maintenance downtime.

 High pressure Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers

Gas treatment and conditioning

Before natural gas can be processed, it must be cooled and cleaned. All moist and pollution can be removed at a temperature of approximately -30°C. This cooling can be performed with Air-Cooled Coolers and Heat Exchangers.

For transport of natural gas through pipelines, gas compressors have to increase the pressure of the gas. As gas compression results in a too high temperature of the gas, it must be cooled down again. The compressors also require cooling. This cooling is normally performed by Air-Cooled Coolers.

For offshore locations, Air-Cooled Coolers shouldn’t take up too much space and shouldn’t be too heavy, as they should fit in the smallest possible area. This saves space, energy and costs.

Before natural gas enters the burners of the users of the gas, the pressure must be reduced again. The pressure reduction results in a considerable drop of temperature, and in many cases the gas must be heated before delivery to the user. In fact, it’s even better to recover the energy when the pressure is reduced. We will contribute to the further development of this technique. Bronswerk Heat Transfer delivers the majority of the Natural Gas Heaters in the Netherlands. 

To let Coolers and Heat Exchangers in gas applications operate under high pressure, we have developed several special constructions to cope with this high pressure.

Way of working
2.02 - high pressure shell & tube heat exchanger (compact header) foto 01

Customized solutions for your entire gas process

Because it has the cleanest burning process and lowest CO2 production per MJ of energy, natural gas will be an important energy source for the world’s journey to fully sustainable energy in the coming decades.

Natural gas will be transported through pipelines, which requires compression. If the gas has to be stored, this will be done in underground salt caves, under high pressure. Another part of the natural gas will be liquefied to reduce volume and avoid high pressure. This enables transport by boat and storage on ground level. Both ways require a lot of heat transfer.

The gas industry has several processes that need special solutions. In some cases, gas from different sources has to be made to specification to get the quality that fits the existing burners. We make it possible to work with very high pressures, and offshore to reduce plot space. Our work is done safely, with craftsmanship and reliable methods.

Custom-made solutions

Bronswerk Heat Transfer offers many state-of-the-art solutions for the gas industry. We are not just manufacturers of heat transfer equipment; we are also project-driven designers and innovators. We start our extensive enquiry by gathering your specific expectations and needs, experiences and preconditions. Based on this information we will start solving your heat transfer or fluid-flow problems. We will optimize existing processes and develop innovative products. This allows us to offer you our most efficient and advantageous solutions that are sustainable and energy efficient.

Project management and manufacturing

Our mechanical engineers are very familiar with the requirements from all main international codes. They work with the specifications of the main global gas companies. They are used to ‘translating’ the innovative designs of the thermal engineers into robust and reliable equipment. As we manufacture part of the equipment in our own workshop, there is an excellent exchange of knowledge and expertise between mechanical engineers and mechanics. The project manager coordinates the information between the customer, Bronswerk colleagues and external sub-suppliers and partners.

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