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Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

At Bronswerk Heat Transfer we are passionate about heat exchange since 1940. We design, manufacture, and install highly innovative Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers for the Oil,  Gas and (Petro) Chemical industries.

Further to this, we support our customers to optimize and extend their existing or new processequipment. We offer elaborating solutions and designs to all kinds of customers worldwide.

Passionate about heat exchange.

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Less weight and space with the Shell & Tube Compact Header design.

The Compact Header Design is up to 40% lighter and smaller compared with the standard Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger design.

Implementing the Compact Header design in your process van have many benefits. For example, the construction of an offshore rig can be significantly lighter thanks to the reduction in weight.

People, Planet & Profit: less material, less energy, better performance and a longer lifespan.

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