For the food industry we design and supply Rendering Condensers

Bronswerk Heat Transfer has designed an Air-Cooled Rendering Condenser that boils down the vapor formed by boiling process of the food/rendering process.

Over the past decades our design has grown to be the standard Air-Cooled Rendering Condenser in the European Rendering Industry.

Passionate about heat exchange.

No smell pollution with the Bronswerk Heat Transfer Rendering Condenser

Because of our ingenious design, there will be limited chance of leakage. This is important because we want to prevent neighborhoods from complaining about the smell that may result from our client’s rendering process.

Easy access for internal cleaning

The headers of the Rendering Condenser have a very simple and intuitive system that allows them to be opened without tools. This makes it easy to clean the header and the individual tubes. Of course, all parts in contact with the steam or condensate are made of stainless steel.

Individually movable tubes

Bronswerk Heat Transfer specializes in atmospheric Rendering Condensers. These are designed in such way that unequal expansion of the different tubes, caused by the blocking of individual tubes, will be absorbed without any harm.

Inspection eye glasses

All our components that come in contact with steam are made of stainless steel. Clasps on lids enable quick and frequent cleaning. Inspection eye glasses are used to keep an eye on things.

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