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High Grade Materials - a blessing or a curse

High grade and high-quality materials can be selected over ordinary carbon steel or stainless steel grades for many reasons. But these special materials, or even better especially special materials must be handled with care. Improper use or handling can totally destroy their improved resistance and even make them weaker and more vulnerable than the common materials.

Bronswerk Heat Transfer is specialized in the application of high grade and high-quality materials in Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers and Air-Cooled Coolers.


Coolers and Heat Exchangers from high alloys

The application of high grade materials in your Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger or Air-Cooled Coolers can make them withstand more corrosive attack, guide higher flow, resist more erosion, handle higher pressure and extreme high and low temperatures.

Extended lifetime

By using the right high grade materials, your Heat Exchanger of Air-Cooled Cooler can resist extreme circumstances over a longer period of time, which is worth the high investment.

Lower maintenance costs

The use of high-quality materials applied in the appropriate circumstances can lower inspection intensity, reducing overall maintenance expenses.

Reducing operating costs

Extended lifetime, less maintenance and spare part interchange and less troubleshooting increase the total uptime of your equipment and reduce the total operating cost.

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Extended lifetime and lower costs by using high grade materials

Coolers and Heat Exchangers have to deal with several circumstances. Some of them are extreme, which can have an adverse effect on quality and service life, like corrosion and deformation.

From design to manufacturing, we specialize in the production and welding of high grade materials for high-end Air-Cooled Coolers and Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers. The process industry often requires the improved characteristics for their process equipment. While cladding is often applied in vessels and large Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, the only solution for Air Cooled Coolers or small Heat Exchangers is the use of high-quality materials as the main construction material.

High grade materials, where the customer's requirements and our specialism come together

Bronswerk Heat Transfer has a long track record regarding the use of high grade materials in the products they design and manufacture. We know all the tips and tricks when it comes to working with these types of materials. Particularly welding requires special care due to the nature of these materials. 

The process starts with a good and well thought-out (thermal) design. We optimize the (mechanical) design so that the number of welds and weld thickness and heat input is minimized. The fewer welds the better. Headers can be machined from a forged block of material instead of welding plates to form a square box, or complex forgings can be manufactured in close cooperation with our trusted and distinguished partners. 

Any remaining weld is handled with great care. We can rely on hundreds of welding procedure specifications made for a wide range of special materials, such as (super) duplex, alloy 625, 800, 825, nickel and even titanium for various welding processes. We have these welding procedure specifications and welders are certified according to ISO 15614, ASME IX or HP5/3. We will continue to extend this range for any project, if needed. We understand that the use of the right shielding gas, filler metal and heat input all contribute to a high-quality weld. 

We can extensively test weld coupons, mockups and production welds to secure the quality is maintained during the production process. 

We are entirely focused on delivering a high-quality product, with optimal corrosive, erosion, high pressure and extreme temperatures absorption properties.

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