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Performance & Reliability Improvement

We always strive for the best Heat Exchange Solution. A solution that delivers an even better performance and higher reliability.

A solution that prepares you for the future, with a focus on sustainability.

Passionate about heat exchange.

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The best solution for your heat transfer problem

Obviously, what is broken must be repaired, maintenance keeps an installation in good condition. However, optimization goes one step further.

To us, optimization means that we always look for the best solution to the problem, making sure heating and cooling processes work better than ever.

Our primary goal is to ensure that your processes run reliably and perform optimally.

Way of working
Design optimization shell & tube heat exchangers

Performance & Reliability Improvement for both active and newly built installations

We solve heat transfer and fluid-flow problems by optimizing existing processes and implementing innovative products. This allows us to offer our customers the most efficient and advantageous solutions. Guaranteed to be sustainable and energy efficient.

Customer needs

Our customers come up with a list of requirements for their heat exchange solution. A solution that delivers better performance and higher reliability. Our aim is to solve vibration issues with existing Heat Exchangers or Hot Air Recirculation that reduce the capacity of your equipment. We are always looking for the best solution to the problem, making sure that processes work better than ever.

In practice

Suppose a site was built 30 years ago, and the heat exchanger is no longer working properly. A simple replacement could be an option or we could focus on increasing the performance of your equipment within the same plot space. How do we tackle this problem? We do not patch up any components; we make new designs and perform thermal calculations. We look at the entire system: we do not treat the symptoms, we look for the cause. By using information from the past, we prevent problems for the customer in the future. In doing so, we focus on less noise, lower energy consumption, reduced CO₂ emissions and optimal performance.

International codes and standards

Processes also need to meet strict national and international codes and agreements. That is what our solutions are based on. Whatever your question may be, our answer is always an advice that prepares you for the future.

Our performance and reliability improvement is based on:

  • Root cause analysis
  • Evaluation of possible solutions
  • Implementation of inspections 
  • (Exchange of) equipment installations
  • Upgrading existing installations

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