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Design optimization air-cooled cooler

Design Optimization Air-Cooled Coolers

Bronswerk Heat Transfer delivers tailored engineered equipment. This starts with bundle design, header type, fan arrangement and also includes the requirements of the local government, environment or customers.

Each cooler is designed by our engineers to meet the latest design codes and industry guidelines and is checked with internationally recognized independent simulation software to guarantee that the unit will perform as requested. 

As a result, we can offer our clients optimization through engineering perfection.


We optimize client's current processes and designs

We work as a partner in designing an optimized solution. We are not only optimizing the design of our Air-Cooled Coolers, we also support our clients optimizing their process to improve plant operations.

Reduced equipment size

All our solutions are designed for purpose. The bundle, header and fan arrangement are optimized for maximum heat transfer to minimize size and weight, which results in reduced capital and operational expenditures.

Maximum design lifetime

As our Coolers are designed for purpose, they are often still in operation after 50 years without modification requirements.

Minimum operating costs

Our optimized Air-Cooled Coolers are developed with state-of-the-art technologies that suit the operating conditions. As a result, our Coolers consume less power and require less maintenance.

Air-Cooled Coolers
Harlingen Omrin Air Cooled Condenser with Whizz-Wheel

More efficiency and less maintenance for your Air-Cooled Cooler

Are you curious about the best solution for your plant? Do you want to increase the cooling capacity or reduce the maintenance costs while increasing the availability of your plant?

The engineers at Bronswerk Heat Transfer are passionate about finding the best solution for your plant. The requirements are our guidelines. We are, however, more interested in the question behind the question. Because once we know your true needs, we can come to a solution that exceeds your expectations.

Based on your input we can optimize the design to increase efficiency and lifetime, while reducing the maintenance requirement.

Optimizing every Air-Cooled Cooler, not only the ones we design

We are not only passionate about designing Air-Cooled Coolers for new plants; we especially like to be challenged to improve the performance of the existing equipment for brownfield projects. This can be achieved by fine-tuning the fan performance, whether or not in combination with new Air-Cooled Cooler bundles for an overall improved design.

We often replace existing Air-Cooled Cooler bundles with our newly developed designs, resulting in additional plant performance and reliability. With those upgrades we provide our clients with significant plant improvements against low capital expenditures within the available area, resulting in return of investments in less than one year.

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Problem detected, problem solved

Our customer experienced a vibration problem on a heat exchanger which they replace every two years. When we checked it, we found that the heat exchanger was experiencing severe vibration issues. With our newly designed vibration-free beam, we have solved their problem and after ten years of operation, the equipment still works perfectly and our customer is still completely satisfied with it.

Performance and reliability improvement since 1940

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Air-cooled coolers

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