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Air-process installation for dairy industry  

Challenge / question

Normal outside air is used for dry air.  This means that both temperature and humidity constantly change. An air purification system, also known as an 'air purification street', must be able to handle these variables. It contains all or most of the following components: a water grid with wire mesh, antifreeze protection, air filtration, cooler, silencer, control vent and centrifugal fan. Furthermore, there are air ducts and a heater (fire), in some cases including a final filter and air ducts, that are connected to the dry tower. Most clients request an air purification system where all components are tuned to one another and/or are assembled on a skid.
process air treatment  

Our solution

In order to effectively match all parts of an air purification system to one another, it is advisable for one supplier to design, manufacture and deliver the complete system. All the components that we supply, such as centrifugal fans, bear excellent characteristics and we design and manufacture antifreeze clusters, coolers, moisture separators and heaters. We are able to select a suitable silencer, tailored to the specific design of our fans. Together with the filters, control valve and ducts, we can build the integral air purification system on a skid and deliver it as a turn key system.



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