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Project management

Convenience. Speed. Single point of contact. Overview. Sufficient capacity. Knowledge. Worry-free!

Project management in the area of Service & Maintenance quite simply means taking care of 'truly everything', from the start to completion of the project,. This integral approach to organisation, execution and coordination is our main strength. From our central locations in Nijkerk and Europoort (Rotterdam), Bronswerk is your point of contact. We ensure perfect planning (jointly with contractors, if necessary) and make sure all disciplines work together seamlessly. No more waiting to start a job until another job is finished, but scheduling operations in an efficient sequence. Timely availability of cranes, building scaffolding, coordinating inspections. Disassembling installations, performing repairs and putting everything back together. Performed by professionals who know what teamwork is. Supplemented with innovative knowledge and the expertise of our engineers. We work all over the world, onshore and offshore, on both small and large projects.



The Netherlands


Czech Republic

Main office
Stationsweg 22 P.O. Box 92 Phone: +31 33 24 72 500
3862 CG Nijkerk 3860 AB Nijkerk Fax: +31 33 24 52 338
The Netherlands The Netherlands Email: info@bronswerk.com
Smolenskaya Square 3 Phone: +7 495 775 1060
121099 Moscow Fax: +7 495 775 1061
Russia Email: info@bronswerk.ru
Děčínská 288 P.O. Box 14 Phone: +420 412 590 511
407 22 Benešov nad Ploučnicí 407 22 Benešov nad Ploučnicí Fax: +420 412 586 340
Czech Republic Czech Republic Email: info@bronswerk.cz
Service & Maintenance
Seggelant-Noord 5D Phone: +31 18 17 45 500
3237MG Vierpolders Email: service@bronswerk.com
The Netherlands
Dutch contact map
Czech contact map
Russisch contact map
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