Extreme process pressure

Extreme Process Pressure

If you are looking for a High Pressure Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger or a High Pressure Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger - from 100 bar up to 1000 bar - then you have come to the right place.

We specialize in extreme process pressure and can support you in your need for high-pressure process equipment.

Passionate about heat exchange.

Reliable solutions designed for up to 1000 bar

Bronswerk Heat Transfer specializes in the design and manufacture of process equipment, such as Air-Cooled and Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, for high-pressure processes and applications.

High Pressure Air-Cooled Cooler

We have developed the 2.0 version of the Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger and Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger with virtually no limit on design and operating pressure. We offer improved reliability and financial attractiveness throughout their entire life cycle.

High Pressure Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Our new and retrofitted Compact Header Heat Exchangers are known for their reliability. They are much smaller, lighter and easy to maintain than other high-pressure Heat Exchangers. Our Compact Header has limited welds that guarantee a safe high-pressure solution up to 1000 bar.

High pressure, low weight

Our unique designs are specifically designed to withstand high pressures while limiting weight as much as possible. We build the lightest high-pressure Air-Cooled Coolers and Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers in the world, up to 40% lighter.

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Let's find a solution for extreme process pressure

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