Heat Transfer System
Industial heat pump system

Industrial Heat Pump System

Industrial Heat Pump Systems can and will have a significant contribution to the energy transition.

Bronswerk Heat Transfer designs and implements Industrial Heat Pumps that can efficiently upgrade no-value or low-value heat to high-quality heat by adding only one-third mechanical (electrical) power.

We are involved in the design of many types of Heat Pumps, such as compression HP, chemical HP, acoustic HP and steam recompression.

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Industrial Heat Pumps that take care of the environment

Bronswerk Heat Transfer can act as a project manager, which may also involve economic considerations and obtaining subsidies. We are experts in designing environmentally friendly, innovative, customized Industrial Heat Pumps. We will be happy to advise you on the best solution for your case.

Environmentally friendly

Industrial Heat Pumps strongly contribute to the Energy Transition by generating the high demand for heat and steam. Our Industrial Heat Pumps can go up to 130°C (266°F).

Total Project Management

As a project manager we can - besides evaluating the various technical implications and possibilities in that position - also propose economic considerations and obtain subsidies.

Reliable due to proven track record

We can prove our extensive experience by showing customers our already designed and supplied Heat Pumps. We are one of the few companies in the world with experience in industrial scale high-temperature Heat Pumps.

Heat Transfer Systems
Industial heat pump system

Cost-effective Industrial Heat Pumps for steam production

Our Industrial Heat Pumps are designed to meet the new industry demands: environmentally friendly, cost-efficient and reliable. Right from the start in 1940, we developed customized products, while always asking the question behind the question. What do you really need? We are at our best when faced with difficult assignments and challenging situations.

From that perspective, we developed a new generation of Industrial Heat Pumps. Devices that can efficiently upgrade no-value heat to high-quality heat and thereby improve the efficiency of your plant. After all, re-use of (waste) heat reduces operational costs and makes the Industrial Heat Pump very cost-effective.

Together with our customers we can achieve the best results

Bronswerk Heat Transfer can act as a project manager by - besides evaluating the various technical implications and possibilities – making economic assessments and helping obtain government subsidies.

Heat Pumps can contribute to an increased use of heat, which is now seen as waste heat. By adding roughly one-third of mechanical (electrical) power, the temperature of reasonable part of the waste heat can be raised to a level that is useable. Only one-third of the valuable electrical and two-thirds of the no-value waste heat will result in 100% useful heat.

Most processes are already optimized to use heat. Where possible, residual heat is reused at high temperatures in another part of the process or in other processes. Although at a certain point the temperature of the heat is no longer useable and must be removed. The removal of this waste heat costs money and energy. It can be by using heat exchangers that remove the heat to (sea or ocean) water, but in many cases it is transferred to ambient air with Air-Cooled Coolers. Both systems require investment costs for equipment and operating costs for pumps or fans. It is therefore better for the environment to use this waste energy.

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Developing an Industrial Heat Pump Solution with ECN


pulp and paper

Robert Kleiburg


With this technique, the paper industry can make a giant leap towards a more sustainable and efficient production process.”

Passionate about heat exchange since 1940

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