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Intermediate Fluid Vaporizer

Bronswerk Heat Transfer designs tailored Cryogenic Intermediate Fluid Vaporizers that are not subject to freezing.

Cryogenic Intermediate Fluid Vaporizers are designed for shock cooling. This allows heat transfer to be controlled over a wide turndown temperature range.

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Innovative proven design for optimized vaporization of cold fluids such as LNG

Bronswerk realizes the best performance in warming up or vaporizing cold liquids by water or steam without any risk of freezing.

Extreme temperatures

Our design can stand extreme cold, cryogenic, temperatures.

Reliability and predictability

Guaranteed performance and designed for shock cooling and cyclic loading.

Closed loop design

Operates independently from seawater and ambient conditions in a small plot space.

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Intermediate fluid vaporizer in the workplace

Cryogenic vaporizing: your challenge, our solution

If your need is regasification or a vaporizer and use water or steam as a heating medium and you want to eliminate the risk of freezing the water, make sure to contact Bronswerk for an optimal solution. We will select the best option in difficult circumstances, such as limited plot space, and we will provide an effective and comprehensive solution.

As with most of our heat exchangers, our Intermediate Fluid Vaporizers suitable for cryogenic temperatures are tailored to your application. In this way we ensure that you get exactly the solution that you need.

Our engineers can help you with any (extremely) low temperature request you may have. We have designed vaporizers or regasifiers for ammonia and ethylene, but also for liquids that vaporize at even lower temperatures, such as nitrogen, oxygen and even hydrogen at -254°C.

Very efficient in combination with good results

Bronswerk Heat Transfer starts every order for a heat exchanger by clarifying the specific needs of our customers. Our goal is to come up with a proposal that offers more, better or more innovative solutions than the customer was asking for.

In our Intermediate Fluid Vaporizers, we make sure that the equipment works in any circumstance. In an Intermediate Fluid Heat Exchanger, all parts should work together. Especially in the intermediate fluid, all conditions should be right; not just pressures and temperatures, but also the level of liquid and amount of internal recirculation have to be correct. We will help you select the right control strategy, including the required transmitters if needed. In this way, we help our customers select the right components and materials to make sure that the equipment will work as desired.

We can include FAT (factory acceptance test) and SAT(site acceptance test) testing, HAZOP analysis and installation all to our scope. We will take any worry away when it comes to our Intermediate Cryogenic Vaporizer.

Bronswerk Heat Transfer has been working on innovative, customized new products and the efficiency improvement of existing plants since 1940.

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