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Solving vibrating tubes of a Kettle type Reboiler

Dow Chemical had a Kettle type Steam Generator with a vibration problem. They were confronted with leaking tubes every 2 years. When they needed a replacement bundle, they challenged us to make a design improvement that would prevent vibration and extend life.

We have performed and installed a redesign. After 10 years, we can only conclude that the delivered solution works and that DOW can continue to work with this specific Heat Exchanger.

Our solution
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Solving vibration and extending the lifetime of a Kettle type Steam Generator

How Bronswerk Heat Transfer not only delivered a like-for-like bundle for a Kettle type Steam Generator, but also implemented a small re-design that significantly extended the lifetime of the Steam Generator.

Customer challenge

Dow Chemical required a replacement of the bundle of their Steam Generator every 2 years due to leaking tubes caused by flow induced vibration. They asked us to come up with a redesign in order to get rid of the vibrations as well as to extend the use of the Steam Generator.

Our approach

Instead of just offering a new like-for-like bundle, we were challenged to find out the cause of these vibration problems. Using both the HTRI and the finite element method, we were able to determine the actual natural frequency of the tube and determine that the U-bend section in particular had insufficient support, resulting in a low natural frequency of the tubes. This was probably the root cause of vibrations.

The solution

We found the solution by adding tube supports in strategic locations, while retaining the heat transfer surface and sizing.

The results

Thanks to our approach, the new design bundle has been in operation for more than 10 years without any problems. This saves the customer a replacement bundle CAPEX every 2 to 4 years and reduces the risk of unplanned downtime.

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