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Air-cooled heat exchangers

Equipment Cooler

Our Equipment Cooler or Lube Oil & Glycol Cooler combines multiple services in one cooling unit and sometimes in a single bay. 

This saves plot space and is often the more economical solution compared to using multiple separate coolers.

We always design and deliver customized solutions based on project-specific requirements.

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Equipment Coolers for multiple services

Multiple services may include inter-stage and after-stage cooling, lube oil and working oil, or cooling water and jacket water. Combinations of these multiple services are also possible.


Lube oil is a very viscous fluid. Turbulators can be used to improve the turbulence and increase the heat transfer. We have many years of experience in the selection and installation of turbulators for various conditions.

Fan redundancy

Fan configurations with redundancy can significantly affect the size of coolers. By combining multiple services in a single cooler, this impact can be minimized for your overall cooling scope.

Plot space reduction

The API 661 standard prescribes design guidelines for Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers. Combining multiple services in a single cooler provides a smart design that is API 661 compliant and smaller than multiple single service coolers.

Air-Cooled Coolers
Air-cooled coolers

Together with our customers we come up with the best design

Each order starts with a detailed analysis of the specific needs of the customer. This allows us to develop a proposal that offers alternative or improved innovative solutions to that customer's original request.

That is why we have designed and produced a wide range of Equipment Coolers. No two orders are the same.

In addition, we optimize the thermal and hydraulic design to offer you the best solution at the best price, meeting compactness and maintenance requirements.

Since 1940, Bronswerk Heat Transfer has been developing innovative and tailored new products, while helping improve the efficiency of existing plants.

Equipment Cooling in the field

Bronswerk Heat Transfer knows the requirements for Equipment Coolers regarding cooling lube oil or a water glycol mixture in the petrochemical industry.

Lube Oil Coolers are common in the petrochemical industry. They are used in cooling generators, turbines and engines. We have experience with many types and brands of Lube Oil and we are able to design a cooler to your specific needs. Lube Oil Coolers can be fitted with turbulators or other turbulence enhancers. This can reduce the size of the coolers and the required motor power for the fans, resulting in a more economic design. 

Cooling water can be mixed with glycol to elevate the boiling point and reduce the freezing point of the water. This provides a wider range of operating temperatures and prevents the bundle from freezing in winter. Bronswerk Heat Transfer can design a customized Water Glycol Cooler based on your specific mixture.

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Air-cooled heat exchangers

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Get to know our product range of Air-Cooled Coolers and the services we offer.

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