Case study
REC Omrin Air Cooled Condenser

Air-Cooled Steam Condenser for windy conditions

How Bronswerk Heat Transfer designed, supplied, installed, and commissioned an Air-Cooled Steam Condenser in coastal areas for one of Europe’s largest biomass-to-energy companies.

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Our solution
Harlingen Omrin Air Cooled Condenser with Whizz-Wheel

Guaranteed performance of Air-Cooled Steam Condenser despite windy conditions

We are passionate about heat exchange and challenging projects. Our Dutch customer Omrin, a large waste management company, offered us the following challenge: they wanted constant performance of their Air-Cooled Steam Condenser in a coastal area.

Customer challenge

Generally speaking, our Air-Cooled Condensers are very sensitive to wind influences. The performance of the condenser heavily depends on the wind speed, which is undesirable when you have to deliver a constant production.

Our approach

To realize the windproof Heat Transfer System, we started discussing all specific circumstances and requirements. From there on, we conducted extensive research into wind conditions and acoustic restrictions.

The solution

We designed an A-frame Condenser that could withstand windy conditions while still producing a constant performance.

We supplied, installed and commissioned the condenser, tailored to all customer’s requirements.

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