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Installation of a falling film evaporator

Falling Film Evaporator

Discover the benefits of our Falling Film Evaporator. A Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger with vertical tubes in which a fluid is partially evaporated as it flows along the inside of the tube wall as a thin film.

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A Falling Film Evaporator that exceeds your expectations

We, at Bronswerk Heat Transfer, are  design experts for Falling Film Evaporators. These are no ordinary Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers; highly specialized knowledge is required to design this equipment.

Distribution System

The thin film formation at the top of the tubes is critical for the operation of these units. We offer both static and dynamic distribution systems. We also developed our own distribution system that combines the benefits of both categories.

Thermal Design

During the thermal design, special precautions must be taken to keep the thin film intact along the complete tube length. A disrupted film can diminish the performance of the Evaporator.

Creative Solutions

In addition to the conventional Falling Film Evaporator, this thin film technique can be used in various configurations. A two-sided film, one on the shell side and one on the tube side, is also possible. We are pleased to offer the optimal solution for your heat exchange requirements.

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
Falling film evaporator

Falling Film Evaporators: specialized equipment for special operation

Falling Film Evaporators look just like regular vertical Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers. This unique type of Heat Exchanger is used in the event a regular Heat Exchanger fails to work.

The Falling Film Evaporator typically offers low pressure evaporation where normal Heat Exchangers fail to function due to boiling suppression and high fouling evaporation. They also have to be cleaned regularly. 

A Falling Film Evaporator that suits your needs

If you want to implement a Falling Film Evaporator in your process, you must be able to rely on the performance of the Heat Exchanger. If it does not function properly, your process will be affected, and performance may be reduced.

We design all our equipment tailored  to suit the needs of our clients. This is crucial for delicate equipment, such as Falling Film Evaporators. Based on your process, we can provide the Evaporator with a distribution system that guarantees a complete thin film formation on the top of the tubes. The thermal design is of paramount importance and could be responsible for many factors potentially disturbing the film along the tubes. To avoid this, our design can also take into account multiple operational cases and turndown scenarios. 

We, at Bronswerk Heat Transfer, are evaporator design experts and can help you choose the best solution for any given application. Our solutions are based on decades of engineering expertise in the process industry. We can guarantee the right evaporator solution, along with possible adjoining products, including our wide range of Heat Exchangers.

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