Heat Transfer System
heat transformation system

Heat Transformation System

Heat Transformation Systems offer enormous potential for energy savings, cost reduction and CO2 reduction. By connecting industries and processes, we succeed in making optimal use of (waste) energy flows. Exergetic efficiency is what counts.

We are able to provide a compact system that provides an efficient, cost effective heating solution for a range of plants.

Impacting on energy where it matters.

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Customized Heat Transformation Systems to reduce CO2 footprint

Bronswerk Heat Transfer’s experts design innovative, customized Heat Transformation Systems. We do not shy away from difficult assignments and challenging situations.

Disconnect from natural gas

By using heat stream from neighboring power plants, the process industry becomes independent from fossil fuels.

Transferring watts, separating molecules

With a Steam Heat Transformation System, we transfer heat from one company to another, while each site keeps its own BFW and steam quality.

Aligning supply and demand

We have the experience to design and supply turnkey Heat Transformation Systems that meet the supplier and user’s requirements.

Heat Transfer Systems
Heat transformation system

Cutting-edge and customized Heat Transformation Systems

Heat Transfer Systems are used to distribute process heat from one company to another. For instance, a Waste-to-Energy plant that is delivering MP steam to a nearby paper mill.

Both Companies benefit: the Waste-to-Energy plant gets a better yield for their energy and the paper mill becomes independent of fossil fuels. Finally, the environment wins, as there is a significant reduction in CO2.

Heat Transformation Systems, a promise for the future

Heat Transformation Systems provide huge potential for energy savings, cost reduction and CO2 reductions. Connecting multiple processes and sites is pinch analysis on a much larger scale. Great examples have already been implemented, such as the steam pipe system connecting power plants with the chemical industry around Rotterdam. 

First of all, they are easy to operate and require low maintenance. Furthermore, they are energy-efficient. In fact, due to our innovative design, we deliver Heat Transformation Systems that provide 20% up to 50% less energy consumption in combination with lower total emissions.

We are able to deliver a compact system, which provides an efficient, cost-effective heating solution to a range of plants. It allows for accurate temperature control and there’s no danger of freeze damage. As we make use of high-quality materials, the solution will not corrode.

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Heat transformation system

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Heat Transfer Systems

Our other Heat Transfer Systems

We design and deliver several types of Heat Transfer Systems.

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Heat transformation system

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