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Bronswerk Heat Transfer can give you tailored advice on how to improve the performance of your Air-Cooled Cooler.

An important cause we often see is that large Air-Cooled Coolers suffer from fan starvation or hot air recirculation.

One of the proven solutions is the use of LNG Screen Tech Windscreens, in addition to increased cooling capacity, they help to minimize operating and maintenance costs.

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High quality Windscreens to improve the performance of Air-Cooled Coolers

We supply LNG Screen Tech Windscreens to minimize the negative impact of wind and improve cooling capacity.

Minimize fouling

By reducing hot air recirculation and avoiding fan starvation, we can reduce the airside mass flow rate while maintaining performance.

Wind and storm resistance

The Windscreens are tested up to 160 km/h. Due to the transparent properties, they will not create enclosed places.


We offer a 10-year warranty with our CLEANFINTM maintenance program. LNG Screen Tech Windscreens can be applied to both newly built and existing Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers.

Air-Cooled Coolers
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Improve your Air-Cooled Cooler by installing LNG Tech Windscreens

ELBRONS, a joint venture between Bronswerk Heat Transfer and ELFLOW, has created and developed new technologies to improve the performance of Air Coolers and Air-Cooled Coolers. We know the special requirements to improve the performance of Heat Exchange Systems and reduce maintenance costs.

After extensive research, we came up with the LNG Screen Tech Windscreen. A relatively simple but very efficient product that supports the improvement of the cooling process.

No more hot air recirculation or fan starvation

Air-Cooled Coolers often experience performance degradation and maintenance increases due to airside-related problems. Common problems concern airside fouling and wind causing hot air recirculation. In addition, the wind can cause fan vibrations, fan blades may break, bearings and transmissions may fail and decrease in airflow through the fan or bundle.

As a result, the cooler's performance will drop dramatically along with rising maintenance costs. All of these problems can be solved by installing a windscreen around the cooler's air inlet.

Bronswerk Heat Transfer delivers LNG Screen Tech Windscreens that will enhance the cooling performance of your Air-Cooled Cooler and improve the efficiency and capacity of your plant.

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