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Air-Cooled Water Cooler

Controlled cooling system with a temperature-controlled Air-Cooled Water Cooler

A company in Switzerland wanted to control the duty of their system. Below you can read how Bronswerk Heat Transfer provided a fully regulated control system, using a temperature feedback loop to regulate the duty of an Air-Cooled Water Cooler.

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Our solution
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A temperature controlled cooling system

We are passionate about heat exchange and challenging projects. This customer offered one of those challenges when they wanted a temperature-controlled Air-Cooled Water Cooler.

Customer challenge

Our customer wanted to control the duty of their system by keeping the outlet temperature between certain threshold values to protect the rest of site equipment. We used a system that regulates the duty of the Air-Cooled Cooler based on the outlet temperature by varying the fan speed. This system reduces sound emission as well as the power consumption throughout the year.

Our approach

Bronswerk Heat Transfer had already helped this customer with several projects. They know that we can deliver more than just the equipment. We therefore started engineering a solution that fully met all their needs and requirements.

The solution

We designed a temperature sensor that measures the temperature at the outlet of the Air-Cooled Cooler. This information is transferred to a programmable logic controller or PLC. This PLC uses the information to calculate the necessary fan speed, which is translated to a control signal and sent to the VSD, keeping the outlet temperature between the required values. The result: they can now control the duty of their system.

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