Needs & Requirements
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Plot Space & Weight Reduction

Especially for offshore applications or retrofit situations, small plot space and lightweight process equipment is of vital importance. 

To meet those needs, we make use of our inventive design delivering the smallest Air-Cooled and Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers in the world.

Passionate about heat exchange.

Up to 30% smaller and 40% lighter than conventional designs

Our inventive designs reduce the plot space of your Air-Cooled Cooler and Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger, making them the smallest in the world.

Whizz-Wheel Fan System

Our patented Whizz-Wheel Fan System allows us to increase the airflow with the same amount of noise production, which reduces the plot space of your Air-Cooled Cooler up to 30%.

Compact Header Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Our Compact Header Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger is mainly used for offshore gas applications where weight and size constraints are applicable in combination with high process pressure. With this design we are up to 30% smaller and 40% lighter. Go to our product page for more information.

Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers with reduced weight

We developed the 2.0 version of the Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger with virtually no limit to design and operating pressure, offering improved reliability, financial attractiveness throughout its lifecycle and reduced weight.

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