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Reduced plot space Air Cooler

Reduced Plot Space Air-Cooled Cooler

Do you wish to install more cooling capacity in a limited area, or does the size of your equipment need to be reduced to leave more space for other equipment?

Learn how we can reduce the size of Air-Cooled Coolers to fit your process.

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We tailor our engineered solutions, resulting in total enhancement of our supplies

Our design and engineering team takes care of any aspect of the Air-Cooled Cooler to offer the best possible solution for your plot space requirements.

Increased airflow

Our Whizz-Wheel® fan system can deliver up to 30% more airflow, resulting in effective cooling and thus smaller Air-Cooled Coolers.

Airside enhancement

Our design team improves the airside by optimizing the tube rows, tube pitch, fin type, fan type, and the surroundings. We maximize heat dissipation and deliver the smallest Air-Cooled Cooler possible.

Smallest plot space possible

The tube-side performance is optimized by selecting the best possible combination of tube diameter, tube passes, slope, and turbulence promoters in order to maximize heat exchange and minimize plot space.

Air-Cooled Coolers
Reduced plot space Air Coolers at sea

Smallest design combined with highest efficiency

When consulting Bronswerk Heat Transfer, you can be sure to receive a highly optimized design and a compact and efficient solution. We optimize installations using state-of-the-art fan technologies including Whizz-Wheel® fan systems.

Our design team delivers an optimized combination of tube-side and airside enhancement with almost unlimited possibilities. We are focused on achieving your goals with respect to plot space, sound emission and power consumption.

Plot space reduction through optimized designs

Our highly optimized designs result in the smallest Air-Cooled Coolers or in more cooling capacity when keeping the original plot space. 

Based on the most sophisticated airflow simulation software, we succeeded to develop ultra-low noise and ultra-highly efficient fans that decrease the acoustic load on the surroundings. Besides design and operational benefits, our solutions realize significant energy savings, which result in immediate CO2 emissions reductions.

Whatever your requirements are, we will always find a solution to achieve your goals.

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Reduced plot space Air Coolers Whizz-Wheel

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Our innovative, low-noise, air-cooled fan, Whizz-Wheel, realized more capacity at lower energy consumption.

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Reduced plot space Air Coolers

Safe and reliable cooling in a limited space

We helped Petroleos Mexicanos with the right cooling solution for the Litoral-A project. 

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Innovative solutions for several companies

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