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Whizz-Wheel, reduced plot space Air Coolers

What you should know about our Whizz-Wheel fan

Are you looking for reduced costs of ownership for you Air-Cooled Cooler? Do you have to deal with lower CO2 emissions? Or do you have plans to lower the energy consumption?

Bronswerk Heat Transfer has the perfect fan system solution. Good for your company and good for our planet.

Our solution
Whizz-Wheel reduced plot space fan system

Your solution for saving space and energy

Chemistry and heat. These could almost be synonyms. Capturing excess heat in one place and using it somewhere else. A principle that Bronswerk Heat Transfer has down to the smallest details. 

Customer challenge

There is an increasing call for lower energy consumption and lower CO2 emissions. Also in the petrochemical industry. Often that means making additional investments. But by but making the right investments also saves money. Resulting in reduced costs of ownership. Good for the company and good for our planet. 

Our approach

Bronswerk Heat Transfer worked for many years on process optimization designs for several Heat Transfer Solutions. Investing in these innovative systems will prove highly lucrative for your company, in both the short and the long term. 

The solution

Our fan system can increase your performance by up to 30%. We do this by utilizing the high efficiency of our design and fully exploiting plenum recovery. 30-40% more air has huge impact on thermal performance of existing coolers. For Air-Fin cooler sites, it is able to remove performance bottlenecks on summer days allowing year-round full production. For Air-Cooled Stream Condensers it yields year-round lower turbine pressure and more generator output.

By applying our innovative, low-noise, air-cooled fan, the Whizz-Wheel, you realize more capacity at lower energy consumption. Now and in the distant future. 

An appealing solution with high return on investment and low energy consumption. 

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