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Rendering condenser

Rendering Condenser

Bronswerk Heat Transfer has designed an Air-Cooled Rendering Condenser that boils down the vapor formed by boiling process of the Food/Rendering process.

Over the past decades our design has grown to be the standard Air-Cooled Rendering Condenser in the European Rendering Industry.

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No smell pollution with the Bronswerk Heat Transfer Rendering Condenser

Because of the ingenious design, there will be limited chance of leakage. This is important because we want to prevent neighborhoods from complaining about the smell that may result from our client’s rendering process.

Easy access for internal cleaning

The headers of the rendering condenser have a very simple and intuitive system that allows them to be opened without tools. This makes it easy to clean the header and the individual tubes. Of course, all parts in contact with the steam or condensate are made of stainless steel.

Individually movable tubes

Bronswerk Heat Transfer specializes in atmospheric Rendering Condensers. These are designed in such way that unequal expansion of the different tubes, caused by the blocking of individual tubes, will be absorbed without any harm.

Inspection eye glasses

All our components that come in contact with steam are made of stainless steel. Clasps on lids enable quick and frequent cleaning. Inspection eye glasses are used to keep an eye on things.

Air-Cooled Coolers
Rendering condenser

Reliable process starts with the design of the Rendering Condenser

We weld the tubes in our air-cooled condenser only on one side. The other side has a special sliding connection.

Therefore, the tubes are able to individually expand and shrink free of tension. This prevents other tubes with less steam from having to bear a transfer of tension forces.

The result is a complete and distortion free cold/hot start condenser. The operators can rest assured when releasing steam in full flow on our condensers.

The process

The industry that processes carcasses and offal - the rendering industry - ensures that these animal remains are processed in a proper and harmless way that prevents diseases. These remains are unsuitable to be reprocessed into anything else but animal feed. The rendering process starts when carcasses and offal arrive. First, all parts are grounded and left to boil for twenty minutes at 130°C, then the 'slurry' is transferred to a flash tank.

The broth of meat is dried using the heat in disk dryers until it has reached a water content of 5%. Drying means boiling off the water content of the broth. The water vapor or steam that is formed as a result of this boiling has a recognizable smell and must therefore be condensed.

Atmospheric condensation

There are two ways to condensate the steam, the first way is at a pressure just above ambient, the second is at a vacuum. In an Air-Cooled Rendering Condenser at atmospheric pressure, the steam is condensed, and the condensate is cooled down to a maximum of 10°C above ambient. This is necessary as biological wastewater purification processes the condensate and active bacteria in the purification will die if temperatures reach more than 40°C.

Vacuum condensation

The heat in the atmospheric condensers is transferred to the atmosphere and is lost. The other way is to boil down the vapor in a Shell and Tube heat exchanger. Part of the condensing heat can then be used in other parts of the process. The rest of the vapor must subsequently be condensed at a lower pressure, which also means a lower temperature, resulting in bigger condensers. For total plant efficiency this is of course the better solution.

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