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Do you want to upgrade your existing Air-Cooled Cooler? There are multiple ways to retrofit your Air-Cooled Cooler. One of them is retrofitting the Air-Cooled Cooler with the most efficient fan in the market, which makes your cooler the most silent and the most efficient cooler in the world.

Discover how you can take advantage of retrofitting a Whizz-Wheel fan system to your Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger. 


Upgrade your current Heat Exchanger

The Whizz-Wheel fan allows us to upgrade your Air-Cooled Cooler to a more silent, more powerful, and very efficient cooler.

Reducing noise

The Whizz-Wheel fan realizes up to 20 dB less noise in your existing offshore or brownfield Air-Cooled Cooler applications.

Better performance

Whizz-Wheel retrofit realizes up to 30% more airflow, allowing full production of your Air-Cooled Coolers, even in summertime.

Less power consumption

When installing the Whizz-Wheel fan in your existing cooler, you can realize up to 30% lower energy consumption.

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Most silent fan with stable design

When retrofitting your Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger with our highly efficient Whizz-Wheel fan, it will be provided with rim support, an optimized blade angle and an advanced inlet.

This makes the fan and the rest of the construction very rigid and highly efficient. 

For NNM (normally not manned) platforms our direct-driven configuration is highly recommended. By using a direct-driven configuration there is no need to install and maintain any belt or gearbox, reducing the operational costs and spare parts needed.

Optimized Blade Angle

For axial cooling fans, the major source of inefficiency is located at the blade tip. This interaction between high and low pressure air causes the formation of small vortices, creating unwelcome noise and inefficiency.

By connecting the blade tips with an outer ring, like the spokes on a bike wheel, and hiding them within an inlet cone, the formation of these vortices will not stand a chance, providing a giant boost in efficiency.

This design feature also provides crucial mechanical support to the blades, making the fan assembly stiffer and less vulnerable to mechanical damage from fatigue and wind loads.

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