Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
TEMA type shell & tube heat exchangers

TEMA Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

The Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association, Inc. (TEMA) is the trade association of the leading manufacturers of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, who have pioneered the research and development of heat exchangers for over sixty years.

The TEMA Standards and software have achieved worldwide acceptance as the authority on Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger mechanical design.

We design Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers for the oil, gas and chemical industry, power generation, waste heat, gas storage and transport, and liquefying of industrial gases according to TEMA Standards.

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Different applications require different types of bundles, shells and channels

A Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger basically consists of a bundle of tubes, fitted in a shell, with channels to lead the tube side fluid into and from the tubes. TEMA has given these different items a letter, to organize the type variety.

From knowledge to design

It is the designer’s freedom and experience to select the best type for a given application. At Bronswerk Heat Transfer we do this in close cooperation with the customer, bringing together the customer’s wishes and requirements and our experience.

Elaborate mechanical design

We design Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers that meets all the TEMA conditions. Specific customers specifications are also known of a wide range of international clients and are implemented into the mechanical design.

Design limitations

Our solutions are able to meet many requirements, such as high pressure up to 1,000 Bar, corrosive environments, temperatures ranging from -196 °C up to more than 580 °C.

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
TEMA type shell & tube heat exchangers

Thermal expertise and process knowledge

It is in the genes of the Bronswerk Heat Transfer’s thermal experts to find the very best Heat Exchanger for a given application.

We start every project with getting a clear idea of the specific needs of the client. We will look for the need behind the specifications and come up with equipment that meets their needs, often offering more innovative solutions than the client was asking for.

TEMA standards combined with customer specifications

Heat can be exchanged between two or more fluids in different types of Heat Exchangers. One type of heat exchangers is the Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger. Each application has its own heat exchanger: from small to gigantic, from standard to highly specialized, from standard materials to the most exotic material, from simple cooling or heating a liquid to (partly) condensing and boiling of fluids.

Bronswerk Heat Transfer uses the guidelines of the Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association (TEMA). Inc. TEMA is the trade association of the leading manufacturers of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, who have pioneered the research and development of heat exchangers for over sixty years.

A Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger is seen as the most robust type of heat exchanger: rigid, and often designed for 30 years of operation. They are therefore found in demanding applications, such as refineries, chemical, oil and gas winning. Equipment in these industries normally operate under such demanding safety and availability requirements that extra severe requirements have been formulated for these heat exchangers.

Manufacturing facilities and project management

In Nijkerk, The Netherlands, we have our own manufacturing location, in the same area as our engineering office. For this reason, there is a very direct flow of information from mechanical engineers to the mechanics in the workshop, and vice versa. We also have a broad network of specialized partners worldwide. In order to ensure coordination of the work of different partners and our own colleagues, a team of project managers coordinates the projects with the different parties, and with the customer.

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TEMA type shell & tube heat exchanger

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TEMA type shell & tube heat exchanger

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