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Case Cornell University - Steam Dump Condenser

Improved performance Steam Dump Condenser

Cornell University needed replacement bundles of their Steam Dump Condenser. We came up with an improved operating philosophy and improved capacity to fit the existing unit, with a design lifetime of at least 25 years.

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Our solution
Case Cornell University - Steam Dump Condenser

Improved operating philosophy

Why Cornell University New York decided to buy replacement bundles from Bronswerk Heat Transfer.

Customer challenge

Our client had a 5-years old Air-Cooled Steam Dump Condenser at their university campus, which was having several problems. They asked us to resolve the problems and to improve the capacity of the Condenser. 

Our approach

We started an investigation and found out that the condenser was installed for the sudden dumping of excess steam about three times a day. The condenser bundles were designed like an ordinary Air-Cooled Condenser and were not prepared for sudden temperature changes. This led to severe damage and leakage within 5 years of operation. Moreover, the process also performed poorly.

The solution

We designed like-for-like replacement bundles with an identical thermal design and changed several mechanical details to make the bundles suitable for sudden temperature changes. In addition, we added louvers on top of the bundles.

The customer now keeps the installation warm with minimum heat losses, which leads to minimum temperature differences in case of a sudden start. The fans are replaced by high capacity fans and the unit is now enclosed in ElBrons CleanFin® filter screens that keep the fin tubes clean, resulting in increased capacity.

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