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Design Optimization for Heat Transfer Systems

Do you want an optimized combination of investment costs, operating costs, product lifetime, plot space requirements and minimum emission?

Allow us insight in your query, process and concerns, so that we can offer a tailored solution that meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations.

Passionate about heat exchange.

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Improvement of Heat Transfer Systems and processes

There are often more improvements possible than first anticipated. Especially small improvements may have a surprising larger effect.

Thermal improvement

Thermal analysis is one of our core businesses and with this expertise we can reduce size, investment costs and operating costs, achieving the same performance in a smaller unit.

Lifetime improvement

When a like-for-like replacement is required, the lifetime of the unit is often shorter than expected. We would gladly accept the challenge to come up with a solution to increase that lifetime significantly.

Mechanical improvement

With the right combination and position of split headers, tube supports and sliding technologies, we are able to protect the unit against failures, resulting in lower maintenance and operating costs.

Heat Transfer Systems
Optimizations with LNG-tech Windscreens

We achieve the best results in Design Optimization working in partnership with our customers

Right from the start in 1940, we were not only focused on the development and construction of Heat Transfer Systems, we spent a significant part of our time improving designs and processes.

We are passionate about using our expertise to optimize our customer’s current process and equipment design. We regularly succeed in achieving major improvements by making small adjustments.

We always work in close partnership with our customer. That is the only way to guarantee success.

Design Optimization of Heat Transfer Systems pays out

Circumstances are changing, techniques and insights are changing, and Heat Transfer Systems must adapt accordingly. Are you working with an older installation? Do you feel that the system is not functioning as well as before? Are there processes that you are questioning? Or do you just want to know if improvement is possible? Bronswerk Heat Transfer specializes in Design Optimization.

A specialty that we also offer with every quote: we study the plans and requirements, but we will always investigate whether improvements can already be made in the design.

We start with a comprehensive analysis of shape optimization leveraging automated computational fluid dynamics simulations and approximation assisted optimization techniques. Optimum designs can result in more than 50% reduction in size, price and operating costs.

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Problem detected, problem solved

One of our customers experienced a vibration problem on a heat exchanger which they replace every two years. When we checked it, we found that the heat exchanger was experiencing severe vibration issues. With our newly designed vibration-free beam, we solved their problem and after ten years of operation, the equipment still works perfectly and our customer is still completely satisfied with it.

Passionate about heat exchange since 1940

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Building an heat transfer system

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