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Dump steam condenser

Dump Steam Condenser

A Dump Steam Condenser condensates excess steam in case of a sudden reduction of steam consumption by the users.

Bronswerk Heat Transfer has developed an ingenious control system for Air-Cooled Dump Steam Condensers. This makes it possible to immediately switch from a standstill situation to full capacity.

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A fast Dump Steam Condenser with innovative controls that keeps your plant going

We designed a solution that is able to swallow the excess steam amount instantaneously, so that all condensate is recovered, and boiler venting is avoided.

Instant start-up

Our design is optimized to swallow the full steam load as quickly as needed to avoid boiler vent activation without restrictions.

Innovative control

We have designed and successfully implemented an innovative control system for air-cooled dump condensers. A concept where the beauty is hidden in the simplicity.

We keep your plant running

Through engineering and field experience, we’ve learned to optimize the design smartly, which enables us to provide the most reliable solution to keep your plant running.

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Dump steam condenser

Our Dump Steam Condensers are developed to stabilize your process in unstable moments

We developed a Dump Steam Condenser suitable to dispose of the full steam output of the plant into the condenser during emergency conditions. A reduction of steam consumption can be sudden, for instance in case of a turbine trip or broken paper lane. If the steam generation can’t be reduced as quickly as the reduction of steam consumption, the excess steam needs to be dumped. Dumping is possible through a boiler vent, resulting in environmental constraints, exceptional noise and losses of costly condensate. The friendly alternative is to install a Dump Steam Condenser that condensates the excess steam. 

This requires an installation that can immediately react to a dump and to variations in capacity or pressure. When an Air-Cooled Condenser has quite some material that has to be warmed up in a short time, it requires the utmost of a good control system. The rapid flow and pressure variations also ask for a well-thought-out mechanical design to cope with the rapid expansion of the material.

We developed a customized solution that covers both reliable hardware and an ingenious control system. 

It also functions well during load changes when steam pressure may rise slightly during a transient. It actuates a dump valve to hold the pressure constant.

Make use of the full power of your plant

In case your steam heated installation stops operating - often for emergency reasons - a dump condenser must be able to respond directly in order to absorb the heat. This requires an Air-Cooled Dump Condenser that can immediately switch from a standstill situation to full capacity.

If the steam from the exhaust boiler exceeds the steam demand on board, the steam dump valve automatically dumps the surplus steam to a dump condenser. The majority of Dump Steam Condensers require an expensive and critical steam inlet control valve. The system that we have developed operates with a far simpler open/closed steam valve. Control of the flow is performed by a condensate control valve, much smaller, much simpler, much cheaper.


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