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Case Isle of Wight - Air-Cooled Condenser - 2

Low noise Air-Cooled Condenser for the Isle of Wight

Bronswerk Heat Transfer completed a V-frame Air-Cooled Steam Condenser for the Isle of Wight waste recovery plant 4 weeks ahead of the project schedule.

A customized design, meeting all requirements. 

Passionate about heat exchange.

Our solution
Case Isle of Wight - Air-Cooled Condenser

A low noise Air-Cooled Condenser that fits the limited available plot size

We are passionate about heat exchange and about challenging projects. As for the Forest Road Waste Park on the Isle of Wight. 

Customer challenge

We often see that clients underestimate the size of an Air-Cooled Condenser. Or that architects try to get rid of as many equipment as possible in order to save space.

The Isle of Wight council decided in 2017 to overhaul the old waste treatment facilities at the Forest Road Waste Park site to create a state-of-the-art facility. The old facility didn’t contain an Air-Cooled Condenser, whereas it would be required to have one for the new facility. The problem, however, was that available space was limited and expanding wasn’t possible. So they asked us to to find a solution to fit an Air-Cooled Condenser in a very narrow strip of ground.

Our approach

In order to make place for the road, we changed the design from A-shape to V-shape, with a narrow, pointy shape at the bottom. This still resulted in a collision in the design. Therefore we decided to split the V-frame Condenser in two parts. The top of the Condenser is still hanging over the road, but at such a high level that it doesn’t obstruct the road. This is a typical example of how inventive and flexible we are with our designs.

The solution

For this project we have designed, engineered, produced, installed, and commissioned the entire installation. Including all auxiliary installations like the steam duct, piping, pumps, vacuum unit and condensate system. We are glad with the fruitful partnership with our client, which has led to sharing employees for site installation.

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