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Air cooled condensers (a-frame - luko)

Air-Cooled Steam Condenser

Bronswerk Heat Transfer delivers Air-Cooled Steam Condensers (also known as: A-frame / V-frame / ACC and LUKO) to condense steam from a steam turbine and create a vacuum to increase the turbine efficiency.

We are not committed to using standard components or sizes; we can design and supply Air-Cooled Steam Condensers in any shape or size. This allows us to offer the most suitable design in accordance with plot space, efficiency, environmental and architectural requirements.

We can provide a full range of components and services, resulting in a turnkey installation.

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Tailor-made Air-Cooled Steam Condenser solutions

Our Air-Cooled Condensers will maximize your process performance, regardless of your industry, environmental and architectural requirements.

One-stop shop

We can supply the full range of components including steam duct, vacuum unit, condensate system, bypass PRDS as well as the full range of services including engineering, production, delivery, installation, commissioning and training. All in one contract.

State-of-the-art technology

As a basis, we use high-quality bundles and constructions, based on (petro)chemical standards. This reliable basis is optimized with state-of-the-art fan and motor technology, integrated to minimize noise emissions and energy consumption.

Every possible design

The size of an Air-Cooled Condenser is often underestimated. With our efficient technology, we can minimize the impact on architecture and the environment by creating a design that suits to your plant.

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Environmentally friendly and reliable Air-Cooled Steam Condenser

In the power industry, companies are constantly looking for solutions that help meet today's challenges: less noise, reduced carbon emission, the highest possible energy efficiency and 100% reliability.

Bronswerk Heat Transfer has been working on these challenges since 1940. We always start by asking the question behind the question. What do you really need? How can we offer more than you ask for? With our innovative engineering team, we have developed many cutting-edge solutions.

One-stop shop for turnkey solutions

If you are looking for a reliable Air-Cooled Steam Condenser that produces less noise, emits less CO2, or that provides the highest possible energy efficiency, be sure to explore our Air-Cooled Steam Condenser (A-frame/V-frame/ACC/LUKO) for the power industry: an innovative solution compliant with the ATEX requirements of the EU.

All our products are tailored and delivered turnkey, making them the solution of choice for waste-to-energy, biomass plants and chemical plants. 

Besides offering new Steam Condensers, we also assist in improving the efficiency of existing plants. 

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Air-cooled condensers (a-frame)

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