Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
Kettle type heat exchanger

Kettle Type Heat Exchanger

Bronswerk Heat Transfer designs and delivers customized Kettle Type Heat Exchangers, both as Reboilers for effective distillation and Steam Generators.

By working in partnership with our customers, and based on their situations, questions, needs and requirements, we are able to come up with a solution that surpasses the initial request.

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Kettle Type Reboilers and Steam Generators for perfect distillation

Bronswerk Heat Transfer designs Reboilers and Steam Generators in which the steam reaches very high temperatures in order to make as maximum use of the energy in the steam.


We consider flow induced vibration in the kettle design by using both standard Heat Exchanger Design software and Finite Element Method.


We advise piping geometry and liquid levels to prevent instability.


We design according to the required entrainment ratios and we guarantee them. If necessary by using demisters or vane packs.

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
Kettle type heat exchanger

Solving baffle fretting vibration problems on existing Kettle Type Reboilers

Large diameter Kettle Type Reboilers can suffer from severe flow induced vibration leading to baffle fretting and finally leaking tubes. Thanks to HTRI and X-vib finite element vibration analysis, Bronswerk Heat Transfer is able to calculate the correct natural frequency of the pipe and to assess possible vibrations.

For these kind of issues, both with existing kettles and when installing new design Kettle Type Reboilers in a project, contact us for advice.


Customer-based Kettle Type Heat Exchangers

Kettle Type Heat Exchangers are horizontal placed evaporators, which can be used for various applications as well as for various sizes.

By using U-bend pipes, free expansion of the pipes can be created and the internal separation area is realized by a larger size of the shell diameter. The larger shell diameter also allows for internal fluid circulation, increasing the heat transfer coefficient.

The heating medium on the tube side can be steam as well as, for example, thermal oil. The variation in the load is controlled by the flow on the tube side or the steam pressure.

There may be a retaining wall or overflow weir separating the tube bundle from the reboiler section where the remaining liquid is withdrawn while the tube bundle remains covered with liquid. Kettle Type Reboilers are reliable and easy to maintain.

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Kettle type heat exchanger

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Kettle type heat exchangers

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